Animals in Lake Mburo national park dying of hunger

Animals in Lake Mburo national park dying of hunger
Animals in Lake Mburo national park dying of hunger

Wild animals in Lake Mburo National Park are dying due to starvation, Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) officials have said.


Carcasses of dead animals are seen in the park, Mr John Makombo, the director conservation UWA, said during familiarisation tour of UWA Board of trustees members on Monday.


He said the deaths are caused by lack of pasture and water brought about by prolonged drought.


“Lake Mburo National Park is located in the dry corridor, its only source of water is Lake Mburo but the park is too big and the lake can’t be accessed by all the animals. For the last four months, the dry spell has been terrible,” Mr Makombo said.


He said they have lost more than 10 zebras and Impalas and more than 10 warthogs.


The neigbouring communities have also reported increased invasion by wild animals.


To mitigate this, Mr Makombo said there is need to construct valley dams in and out of the park.


“We need at least 60 valley dams; 30 inside the park and 30 outside in communities to mitigate this challenge of shortage of water,” he said.


He added that more than 60 per cent of the park is covered by acacia trees yet most of the animals are grazers and prefer grass. He said that is the reason the animals have left the park to neigbouring communities.


Solutions abound

UWA executive director Andrew Seguya said they will look for the required funds to provide water. He added that most of the animals are dying not because of hunger but thirst and dehydration.


Mr Ben Otto, the chairman UWA Board of Trustees, said they have taken note of the challenges and will compile a report and submit it to the relevant authorities for action.


The numbers



Amount required to construct each valley dam in the national park,