Which Activities Can I Engage In At Budongo Forest Reserve

which activities can i engage in at Budongo forest reserve


Budongo Forest forest type is classified as medium altitude semi deciduous moist. Budongo has a high biodiversity with 24 species of small mammals; nine being primates; 465 species of trees and shrubs; 359 species of birds; 289 species of butterflies; and 130 species of moths. Budongo Forest Reserve was gazetted in 1932. Commercial extraction of timber has been ongoing since 1915 today; some 77% of this forest has been cut at least once. The report by Forest Department (1996a), states that Budongo is in a serious ‘state of degradation’ due to the high levels of illegal pit sawing, hunting and human encroachment.



Covers an area of 793 km² of which only 53% is forest. The remaining 47% is grassland

(Forest Department 1996a) 42 800 hectares.


Getting There

3 hours’ drive northwest of the capital city Kampala on the way to the prominent Murchison Falls National Park.


What to do

Forest walks (Day and Night), bird watching, Environmental Education (Study Tours), camping, sightseeing.