practical safety-security advice and tips for Uganda & Rwanda Tour

Is it Safe to Travel in Uganda or rwanda?


Uganda is generally a very safe destination today. As a traveler your main dangers are those of mosquito-borne disease and dangerous driving. 


If you decide to travel to Uganda or Rwanda


1. Prior to Arrival in Uganda/ Rwanda, check for Traveler Advisories and Alerts issued by the U.S. State Depart or  the British Foreign Office include checking the Website of your Country’s Embassy Website in Uganda/ Rwanda.


2. Take out Travelers Insurance that includes a Trip Cancellation Option.


3.  Do a Google News Search for Uganda/ Rwanda that includes your concern. 


4. Avoid Self-Drive – sounds wonderful but you do not know Uganda/ Rwanda and for first-time visitors driving here can be chaotic.


5.  Avoid any night travel outside of Entebbe-Kampala.  With us, Late Arrivals at Entebbe International – stay in Entebbe for the night.


6. We use only mid-range and upmarket Lodges and Hotels with onsite Security


7.  Use a Mobile Phone with Skype and or WhatsApp on it – most hotels and lodges have WiFi.


8. Do not arrange your own Safari by attempting to book lodges, a vehicle, permits.  This is not a vacation in Europe where you can easily do that.  We know Uganda, we live and work here, we know how to cut through the confusion and create a logical, sensible safari for you


9.  We suggest that without being Paranoid – stay aware. That is exactly what US State Department suggest US Citizens traveling to Uganda do.