Where Can I Hike In Kibale Forest National Park-Uganda

where can i hike in kibale forest national park-uganda

Top of the world hike is an annual activity that attracts thousands of tourists to Kibale forest and fort portal.

Ndali-Kasenda’s viewpoint is elevated at the top of the world where it derives its name top of the world.


This takes you to spectacular views of tea plantations, crater lakes, villages, and beautiful people. The Hiking trail is often done very early in the morning which is a suitable time when everyone is fresh and physically fit.


The hiking trail starts from a pleasant, quiet, peaceful and restful crater lake called lake Nyabikere, meaning lake of frogs, and on a clear morning, you can see the amazing Rwenzori mountain, mountain of the moon.



Top of the world view hike can be simply done using a vehicle,  or the most interesting one by foot where your well-trained tour guide collaborates with a  well known local guide that will help you know about the political, social, and economic set-up of people in Kibale.



What to pack for Top of the World Hike - Kibale Forest

  • A snack or fast Ugandan dish e.g a Rolex.
  • Enough water or fresh fruit.
  • Hiking boots, these are a chief necessity for hiking to avoid thorny-piercing sticks, slipping during a hike.
  • Light raincoat, to help you withstand the rainy weather.
  • Long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, to help you avoid bush scratches, insect bites during hiking.
  • A wooden walking stick, this helps you gain more stamina to overcome slipping in case of any rainfall.

Highlights of the Top of the world hike - Kibale Forest

  • During your trial, you will be happily greeted, "How are you?" and waved goodbye by friendly, happy village children promoting hospitality and friendship.
  • Bypass your companions who had a hiking experience earlier.
  • Kibale Ndali-Kasenda crater area has a unique view of different crater lakes that will leave you with an impressive encounter of a trail and they include; Lake Nkuruba south of Fort Portal where guided hiking occurs west of Nyinambuga Lake enabling tourists to explore the crater area appreciating the fantastic scenery, Lake Nyinambuga south of Lake Nkuruba with amazing forests that surround water leaving a spectacular forest view of the area, Lake Lyantonde west of Nyinambuga is a correct choice for tourists who visit Ndali-Kasenda viewpoint and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park, and Lake Kifuruka west of Nyinambuga offers tourists have an experience of Ndali-Kasenda crater area with numerous and amazing crater Lakes.
  • At the end of a clear day, you will have a fantastic and unforgettable experience after seeing Kibale forest National Park, Mountain Rwenzori, Lake George, the Crater Area,  tea plantations, and many more.