What Can I Do In Sipi Falls In Uganda 2024

what to do in sipi falls IN uganda 2024


Sipi falls is located in Kapchorwa district, the eastern part of Uganda, and is situated at the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border, 55 km from Mbale town. It is known by both foreigners and locals as one of the most visited falls in Uganda. Sipi Falls can be the starting point for hikers who manage to climb up to Mount Elgon. click here to view mountain gorilla trekking tours 


Sipi Falls got its name from the local plant that used to grow along the Sipi Riverbank called "Sep," which was used for medicinal purposes to treat diseases like fever and measles, among others. Sipi falls package is amidst our gorilla trekking tour


Sipi Falls are divided into three different protruding waterfalls, with the first waterfall having the longest drop of 100 meters, the second waterfall dropping up to 85 meters with an upper cascade before the plunge, and the last waterfall having a drop of 75 meters; it is tall and columnar.


Sipi Falls creates a mini rainbow in the morning after being hit by the sun, which is globetrotting and also familiar to flow with very powerful mist. Although there are many other waterfalls alongside Sipi Falls, they are not as superior as the mighty Sipi Falls.



Which Activities can i do when at Sipi Falls 2024

Rappelling is the sport of descending from the top to the bottom of rocks and slopes with an abrading device that is attached to one’s harness. Abseiling is an exceptional experience that one would not want to miss when they visit Sipi Falls. Abseiling is not for people with heart problems or people who faint. click here to view gorilla trekking safari


Mountain Elgon climbing, is an enjoyable alternative to more strenuous climbs in East Africa with five peaks being shared by shared two countries, just image an ancient on this volcano standing in solitary and silent for millennia, being surrounded by a caldera with its tallest diameter of about eight kilometers at the wagagai peak accompanied by dotted crater lakes as well as hot springs that was formed as a result of Pleistocene glacial activity 


Arabica coffee plantations, which are found along the Sipi river banks in the Bugisu region due to the fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions in this area, allow tourists to witness how Ugandans locally make coffee by participating in the sorting and roasting processes. One can learn everything about coffee by visiting a local farmer so that they take them through the whole process of coffee making. Then you will be able to treasure every cup of coffee you take.


Cultural tour at sipi falls, cultural visit takes you to the local communities around Sipi Falls, the sebei and the bagisu, with their different beliefs, customs, and traditional norms.


These communities have local foods like malewa, which are made from bamboo shoots for the Bagisu, and also celebrate the initiation of boys into adulthood (male circumcision days in Bugisu).


Bird watching in Sipi Falls is a delight thanks to the different bird species that can be spotted in the areas of Mount Elgon National Park; such birds include Jackson's francolin, lammergeyer, African blue flycatcher, black-collared apalis, Baglagetcht weaver, bush shrikes, Tepazze sunbird, and black-shouldered kite, among others.


Mountain biking, which can be best done both in the morning and evening, has been adored as a thrilling tourist activity that takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. It kicks off from the Sipi trading center to Chema Hill in Kapchorwa town and allows travelers to view Karamoja plains, magnificent waterfalls, unique vegetation terrain, mammals, and birds.

Hiking, Sipi Falls hiking takes one to the very many routes up to Mount Elgon.


The charming beauty of hiking in this area is the chilly weather that surrounds the falls, which is gratifying when guided by a travel expert.


Spot fishing, visitors can have a good time trying different techniques used in catching fish, like the flying method, though they are reminded to carry their fishing gear and equipment, and this activity is mostly recommended for people who love fishing.

when is the best time to go to Sipi Falls in 2024

The climate is cooler than in most parts of the country, although the weather tends to be more pleasant throughout the year. The best time to visit Sipi Falls is in the dry months of June to September and from December to March.