How to survive Corona virus in Uganda

How to survive corona virus in uganda


Corona virus are viruses from large family causing illness in human beings and animals like cats, bats, and camels 

In 2019 corona-virus (COVID-19) is a new virus that caused respiratory illness in humans that transfers from one person to another, it was identified during an investigation in an outbreak in Wuhan, China.


Symptoms of (COVID-19) includes

• Cough

• Shortness of breath 

• Fever 


Corona virus symptoms appears a few days as long as 14 days after exposure, reported illness have ranged from no symptoms to people suffering from it or dying.


How corona-virus spreads 

• Human corona-virus spreads like cold and flu, since it is believed to be an airborne disease like

• Close personal contact like shaking hands, touching

• Touching surface or object with the virus

• Through sneezing or coughing 

• Fecal contamination


 How can corona virus be prevented

• Clean surfaces more frequently

• Don’t use your hands while coughing or sneezing 

• Wash hands more often with soap

• If you are sick stay home until when you are feeling better.


Complications from Corona virus

Corona-virus leads to multi-organ failure like lungs and causes death.


Who gets corona-virus more easily? 

• Pregnant women

• People with heart diseases (Diagnosed chronic )

• People in detention (prisoners)

• People with weak immune systems

• People in group residential settings 

• Very young children corona virus in Uganda yet?

Uganda has no confirmed cases of corona virus, which makes it a safe country to visit.


Corona-virus statistics as per 8th March 2020

Total cases 105586

Total death raised 3584 

Countries with cases 102 

China with the highest death rates up to 3100