How Many Gorillas Are In Volcanoes National Park

How many gorillas are in volcanoes national park


Volcanoes national park is the most prominent tourists’ journey end located in Northwestern Rwanda and part of Virunga conservation area occupying 125 square kilometers, standing 4500m, Volcanoes national park is famous because of the great apes sanctuary habituated, and home to five volcanoes like Karisimbi, Gahinga, Muhabura, Sabinyo, Karisimbi, and Bisoke.


Volcanoes National Park offers other unique species like golden monkeys, spotted hyenas, buffalos, bush duikers, and 178 bird species that live amidst the montane ecosystem.


Volcanoes National Park is equipped with lush bamboo shoots, tropical rainforests, and breathtaking scenery and deserves vegetation that enables the growth of all those species in the park.

NOTE Only eight gorilla permits are issued per group, making 80 gorilla permits available per day.