How Much Does It Cost To Hike Mount Karisimbi

mount karisimbi


Mount Karisimbi is a dormant volcano on the border of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is the highest of the eight chained volcanoes in Virunga, standing 4507 meters above sea level in the Albertine Rift Valley. Devine African safaris


Mount Karisimbi is unique in that it serves as a tourist destination in three African countries: Rwanda, Uganda, and the Republic of Congo. Tourists can also view Karisimbi in these three African countries.


Mount Karisimbi got its name from the local word "Amasimbi,” meaning "snow." Mount Karisimbi can be hiked in two days.

Mount Karisimbi can be seen from Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda; in Uganda while tracking mountain gorillas in Mgahinga National Park; and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from Virunga National Park.