Gorilla trekking After Corona virus (COVID-19)

gorilla trekking after corona virus (covid-19)


Any tourist who is forethought to enjoy gorilla tours in Africa after (COVID-19) should see Uganda as an ideal tourist destination to view the great apes in their natural environment.


Uganda is in the top three countries worldwide with the gentle giants is endowed with two national parks where one can trek mountain gorillas, these are Bwindi forest national park and Mgahinga national park that are close to both Entebbe international Airport and Kigali International Airport.


Although per now due to Corona virus tourism activities are on halt, resulting from the closure of all national parks in Uganda


Why Gorilla trekking after Corona virus in Uganda


Uganda is the most affordable tourist destination in terms of mountain gorilla trekking, which ranges from luxury gorilla tours, mid-range gorilla tours, and budget gorilla tours, besides that Uganda is home to the half of the total world gorilla population.