Congo -Nile Trail

congo -nile trail


Congo- Nile trail recline on the Albertine rift, it is among the largest lakes in Africa. Congo Nile trail encloses Rwanda to the East and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. DEVINE AFRICAN SAFARIS offers best Rwanda tours 

Congo- Nile Trail is a hiking adventure and cycling place along Nyungwe forest national park and through Lake Kivu shores.

Congo- Nile Trail is a web of routes and trails which starts from the northern part of Lake Kivu to the South via Gisenyi and Kamembe in particular following a rocky combination

Congo- Nile trail takes about 5 days or more for hiking and cycling which starts from Gisenyi, then goes through the part that divides Nile River and Congo waters, cyclers, and hikers that continues slightly from Kivu waters that go through track roads and tea plantations of Nyungwe rain forest.

Congo -Nile trail exceptional experience gives cyclers and hikers a unique scenery of Lake Kivu in its Natural Environment.