Kigali International Airport Reopening

kigali international airport reopening


Rwanda’s international airport (Kigali ) is to reopen on 1st August, ever since in late march, Rwanda suspended all incoming commercial and outgoing passenger flights, allowing emergency and cargo flights only to operate because of COVID-19 pandemic. 


Rwanda’s ministry of infrastructure declared that all passengers landing in Kigali international airport or in transit must show evidence of a COVID -19 PCR negative test from a ratified laboratory. Proofed papers of tests must stipulate that they were taken within 72 hours of arrival in Rwanda.


Rwanda’s ministry wants to ensure that all cabin crew, staff, and passengers are safe and healthy, Airport operations will have to follow all the guidelines evolved by the ministry of health and recommendations of the CIAO council on Aviation recovery task-force.


Rwanda’s ministry of health has added a statement that all passengers arriving at Kigali International Airport will have their second test for COVID-19 on arrival and results will be available within a day during which they will board at their respective hotels at their own cost.


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