Did Rwanda Reduce The Number Of Visitors Per Gorilla Family

did rwanda reduced the number of visitors per gorilla group


Rwanda has limited the number of tourists willing to participate in gorilla trekking due to the pandemic since tourism has been at a standstill for the last three months, which led to the suspension of tourism activities and lockdown directives from the government of Rwanda in order to control the spread of the coronavirus to both animals and humans.


Rwanda’s government reopened tourist destinations such as national parks and water tourism on June 17, 2020, for both international and domestic tourists.


Rwanda’s government in conjunction with the ministry of health, has issued directives to be followed that provide a framework for activities, attractions, and operators such as national parks, boat cruises, hiking, birding, heritage sites, canoeing, and museums, among others.


Rwanda’s safety measures are meant for both travelers as well as mountain gorillas, Rwanda has reduced gorilla numbers for each gorilla group per day from 8 people per gorilla group per day to 6 people per gorilla group per day accepted for an hour in Volcanoes national park in order to promote social distancing and congestion.


Rwanda is among the East African countries that are home to the great apes, who are always referred to by many as the gentle giants. Rwanda’s mountain gorilla trekking experience in a natural environment is a lifetime memory that can never be forgotten by any adventurer.