Kidepo Valley National Park Flying Safari

kidepo valley national park flying safari


Kidepo valley national park is situated in the fur north-eastern Uganda bordered by Kenya and South Sudan, covering over 1442 square kilometres, Kidepo valley national park is occupied by seasonal Kidepo Valley River, Narus valley, Savannah grassland , and mount Molongore overlooking.


Kidepo valley national park is among the virgin national parks remaining in Uganda which is not explored yet because of the distance from Kampala or Entebbe international airport where the trip always begins.


Kidepo valley national park chartered flights are offered by the most reliable services providers, these are Kampala executive aviation and Aerolink, and their flights take approximately an hour from Entebbe international airport to Kidepo valley national park.


Kidepo valley national park scheduled flights depart from Entebbe International Airport at 12:30 pm and arrives in Kidepo valley at 13:30 pm or it can be a connecting flight from Bugungu and Pakuba Airstrips in Murchison falls


. Kidepo valley national park chartered flights always start on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday implying that one may plan their trips based on 5 days,4 days and 3 days and kindly note that Kidepo flights require a minimum of 4 people per flight, if you are less an additional cost might be incurred for the other extra seats.