How Do I Become A Tour Guide In Uganda

how do i become a tour guide in uganda


After planning your Uganda tour and the safari time reaches, there are additional services needed. You need to have a Devine African Safaris experienced Uganda tour guide to make sure that your trip is fully filled with lots of enjoyment, a love for adventure in the jungle, and information about Uganda and its wildlife as planned. 


Devine African Safaris has several Uganda tour guides with experience for many years and vast knowledge about Uganda’s wildlife, tourism activities, national parks, forests, and all the information regarding the socio-economics of Uganda.


Devine African Safaris tests guides on aspects such as knowledge of national parks, customer care skills, driving skills, and communication skills, and Devine African Safaris offers more training to their guides when it is necessary to make sure that there is a flow of communication between the guests and the tour guide.


Devine African Safaris hires tour guides with strong personalities and a track record based on recommendations from other top tour companies because we know how important they are to the success of the safari, with the weighed exception that they meet our guests' expectations.