Where Can I See African Wild Cats

where can i see african wild cats


African Wild Cats are small-bodied, fierce cats that live in grasslands, forests, and brushlands in Africa and some parts of the Middle East. African wild cats generally live in warm weather, but some can also survive in very cold weather. They are good at climbing. African wild cats live for about 12-15 years.


African wild cats are highly adaptable and can be seen in a variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, bush country, and plains. The geographical range includes large parts of Africa that exclude the rainforests of Central Africa and some of the Sahara desert. Wild cats can be spotted in Uganda in most savannah habitats.


 African Wild Cats carries from two to six babies, with three being the norm. Expectancy lasts about two months, conception occurs during the rainy season when food supplies are plentiful, and kitten independence begins at six months while sexual maturity occurs at twice that age.