Pian Upe Game Reserve

pian upe game reserve


Pian Upe Game Reserve is located in the far North Eastern Uganda- Karamoja is the second-largest protected area after Murchison Falls National park in Northern  Uganda. Although Pian Upe is beautiful, raw, pristine, and less visited, Pian Upe covers an area of about 2,788 sq. km.


 Pian Upe  game reserve got its name from a local Karamojong word which means ‘Friendly Enemy’. Pian Upe game reserve has got hot springs, mercury walls like mount Kadam which makes it an incredible destination for tourism activities.


Pian Upe wildlife reserve is within Mount Elgon Conservation Area (MECA). That lies in a semi-arid area that receives heavy rainfall in April and lighter rainfall from June to early September yearly. Most parts of the Pian Upe is occupied by short grassland.


Pian Upe is home to several species of wildlife such as lions, giraffes, Harte beast, buffaloes, greater Kudu, topis, antelopes, Oribi, and Rothschild’s giraffe. Bird species here include Jackson’s Hornbill,  white-headed buffalo –waver, Ostrich, Hartlaub’s Bustard, and  primate species like  olive baboons, vervet monkeys, with all mentioned above makes Pian Upe a great destination for an Uganda Safari