African Golden Cat Uganda

african golden cat uganda


The African golden cat (Caracal aurata) is a unique seen creature that was found in the  West African forest and later widespread in western Uganda, where it’s recorded in most of the rain-forested national parks apart from Semliki National Park.

The African golden cat is a wild cat that survives in the rainforests of Central and West Africa. African golden cat is threatened because of deforestation and hunting of bushmeat


The African golden cat has several fur colors ranging from grayish brown to dark slaty, chestnut, or reddish-brown, some are spotted, others have spots that are faded tan to black in color, and to the belly and inner legs.


African Golden Cats in the western part of its range have heavier spotting than African golden cat in the eastern region.  Mostly two color morphs, a red cat and a grey cat.


The African Golden Cat loves the moist equatorial forest, although it’s also penetrating the savanna regions along riverine rain forest, it occurs in montane forest and alpine moorland in the eastern range. African Golden cat tourism activity can be done in all western-Uganda national parks apart from Semuliki NP.