Is Uganda Safe To Visit

is uganda safe to visit

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Is Uganda safe for the American citizens and other tourists like Canadians, United Kingdom citizens, Germans


Every tourist intending to visit Uganda always asks whether Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is secure and safe for American tourists. Uganda is among the safest countries in East Africa for all tourists that come and those who intend to visit in the near future.


Uganda tourists will always be amazed at how safe Uganda is for all travelers. Uganda is stable, safe, and secure in Africa. Tourists within Uganda will stay safely if they follow safety and security rules and simple instructions like those on our website.


Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, is the safest city in Africa, and approximately 95% of the tourists who come to Uganda always leave without any problems. Funny things like theft, credit card scams, and overcharging can be avoided and controlled by choosing the right tour company, like Devine African Safaris.


Ugandan hotels, lodges, guest houses, and backpackers always use security personnel to make sure that all guests are safe and undisturbed. Also, banks, bars, shops, restaurants, offices, and stores have certified security personnel stationed outside and inside the rooms.



The Ugandan government has realized that it’s an important duty for them to ensure the safety of all visitors who come to Uganda, as well as its own citizens. Police are almost everywhere since they range from tourism police to traffic police that make sure that tourists are all safe.