The Karamojong Tribe

the karamojong TRIBE

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Karamojong tribe visit is the best for travelers who would ever want to see how the Bushmen lived together before civilization, the Karamojong tribe is found in North-Eastern Uganda and they have been in their area over the years and things they do best in their overall culture.


History of the Karamojong in Uganda


The Karamojong relocated into Uganda around 1600 years ago from Ethiopia and settled within Moroto Mountain, they speak the A karamojong language which is translated as “the tired old men who stayed behind.”  Uganda accommodates over 370,000 Karamojong at the moment who are sparsely populated. Karamoja region gets fewer visitors as it is not known by many tourists although it does not disappoint once visited because of its rich culture.


 The Karamojong area was not a white man’s region because they failed to control them. Karamojong is a nomadic pastoralist who was well known for moving from one place to another with their castles as they look for food and water for their animals in the neighboring districts of Sudan and Kenya.



The Karamojong people almost move half-naked as Nilotic pastoralists who are proud of their culture while seen practicing daily. However, some Karamojong has embraced the new trending cultural change in the country and technology.