The Ik People Of Uganda

The ik people of uganda


The Ik is a tribe of Uganda are a group of people living together un Morungole mountain in North-eastern Uganda near Kidepo valley national park, the Ik people became famous in 1972 after Colin Turnbull the British -American anthropologist Publishing his book, ‘’The mountain people’’ the Ik people are loving, caring, interesting people to live, and interact with.


During your trip to Kidepo Valley National park, you can take a nature walk to the nearby communities like the Ik people. The Ik people have one of the unique cultures which should not be missed by travelers.  Travelers can hike the steep slopes of the scenic Morungole mountain which takes the whole day as well as viewing Kidepo valley national park with fascinating wildlife species.


The Ik tribe of North-Eastern Uganda has a total population of approximately 10,000 to 11,000 people, they are believed to have relocated from Ethiopia and first settled in Kenya then emigrated to their current place around Morungole mountain near Kidepo Valley national park.


 The ik people were mainly gatherers, and hunters although they also had some cattle before constant raids by the Turkana of Kenya, the Tuposa of South Sudan, the Pokot of Kenya, and the Karamojong of Uganda, constant raids made the Ik people adopt substance farming, rearing goats, and beekeeping for honey.