What Can I Do At Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary-Uganda

what can i do at ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary-uganda


Ngamba Island is an isolated island that is located within Lake Victoria and surrounded by the waters of the lake. It is a sanctuary for orphaned, rescued endangered chimps; these chimps were rescued from poachers and relocated to their natural habitat.


Ngamba Island is a gazetted reserve that is affiliated with the CSWCT, a non-governmental organization dedicated to conserving, appreciating, and protecting chimps in their natural environment. Ngamba Island is home to about 46 chimpanzee orphans. The first to train these chimpanzees to be normal so that they get over the trauma


Ngamba Island sanctuary is the best leading primate destination with a rich, huge population of chimpanzees that can be tracked without many movements since there is a viewing point where travelers can enjoy chimpanzees' feeding, behavior, and lifestyle patterns on the isolated island.


Ngamba Island Sanctuary offers extraordinary and exciting encounters with the primates that live in the area and are protected in a unique environment. The island is open for tourism activities all year and has assisted in defending the rights of these orphaned chimps against human beings who humiliate them through poaching practices or smuggling them for sale in other countries. The locals have taught the importance of protecting nature and the wildlife found in their communities.