Where Is Uganda

where is uganda


Uganda is a landlocked country situated in East Africa, boarded to the east by Kenya, boarded in the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo, boarded in the north by South Sudan, boarded to the south-west by Rwanda, and boarded to the south by Tanzania.


 Uganda is among of the top fabulous tourist destinations in East Africa, Africa, and in the world over which shouldn’t miss on traveler’s list while planning their safaris to Africa.


Uganda is home to half of the total world's mountain gorilla population remaining, endowed with beautiful landscapes, amazing people, fascinating vegetation, and wildlife.


A greater part of the southern region of Uganda is covered by Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest freshwater body, and source of the Nile that is the world’s longest river.


 Uganda Experiences a modified equatorial type of climate because of its location in the Nile Basin.


 Uganda can be accessed through its only international Airport called Entebbe international Airport, Travelers can also come to Uganda by road through Uganda border ports with its neighbors such as Rwanda, Tanzania,  South Sudan, DR Congo, and  Kenya.