Explore Kazinga Channel

explore kazinga channel

The Kazinga Channel is a long natural channel that links Lake Edward & Lake George and a part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lake George is a small lake with an average depth of only 2.4 meters it gets its stream from the mountain Rwenzori, outflow it through the Kazinga Channel, and drains it into Lake Edward, water levels are very little. Kazinga channel is popular for a huge wildlife tourism area with a varied range of large animal concentrations such as hippos, Nile crocodiles, birds on the shores.


Kazinga channel's most famous activity is the Boat cruise that kicks off at 9 am, another shift at 11 am, 3 pm, & 5 pm. Booking can be with Devine African Safaris, facing the Kazinga Channels is another magical Mweya Peninsula which offers travelers the opportunity to view hundreds of water birds like pelicans and flamingos, huge mammals such as hippos, Cape buffaloes, African elephant herds warthogs, bushbucks, waterbucks, antelopes. By your luck or chance, you can spot lions or leopards along the Kazinga Channel banks.