Ndali Lodge

ndali lodge

Ndali Lodge is situated adjacent to the Kibale Forest National Park, amid the views of the Bunyaruguru Crater Lake region of South Western Uganda. Ndali Lodge is encompassed by 1000 fertile farmland, it is perched within the rim of an extinct volcano, which is filled with the blue-green waters from Lake Nyinambuga, 130 meters deep.


Ndali Lodge is Backed up by views of the snow-capped peaks of mountain Rwenzori, Ndali lodge has neither a generator nor electricity and offers the best collection of simple stone and thatched cottages.


Ndali lodge features One of the old remaining areas of the tropical rainforest in Africa, Kibale forest provides a dense forest with over 250 tree species, swamps, grasslands, and a scenic field of volcanic craters.


Ndali Lodge also Stands at the foot of mountain Rwenzori, you can still view an extension of the Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda's second-largest national park. Ndali lodge presents Kibale forest national park which is Mostly famous for chimpanzee communities, blue and red-tailed monkeys. 


Ndali Lodge most selected cottages are overlooking west to the Mountains of the Moon, with each of the cottages having bedrooms facilities. Alongside Kibale forest national park supporting a rich mammalian fauna that includes 12 species of primate, the most notable chimpanzee, and Other animals such as the bushbuck, bush pig red duiker, blue duiker, and civet.