Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse

chimpanzee forest guesthouse


Chimpanzee forest guesthouse is located at the edge of Kibale Forest National Park just 22 Km from Fort Portal town on the Kamwenge Road. simply follow the signposts slowly, it will take you straight to Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse sitting on the beautiful gardens, green pasture, tea plantations, and indigenous ancient forest.  While you are there enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Kibale Forest National Park, crater lakes, and mountain Rwenzori.


Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse was the place where the British district commissioner used to reside during their colonial period in Uganda in the 1950s, it was innovated and turned into a Guest House in early 2003, it is wonderfully cared for and fully maintained ever since then. Guests can relax comfortably. 


Chimpanzee Forest Guest House provides an accommodation facility in a furnished self-contained cottage with endless panoramic views of Kibale Forest National park, Tea plantations. Chimpanzee forest guest house offers accommodation in a colonial setting style with beautiful views of Kibale forest national park, crater lakes, Tea plantation, and mountain Ruwenzori.