Uganda's Government Reopened Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

uganda's government reopened ziwa rhino sanctuary


Ugandan government on Thursday 10th -June-2021 reopened Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary after the closure which took 50 days. Ugandan government through the body known as Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on April 20, 2021, closed Ziwa Rhino sanctuary situated in Nakitoma Sub-county, Nakasongola District, the reason for the closure was over unending fights between two managing parties.


Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is home to the 33 herbivores of the rhinoceros’ family and the lone breeding in Uganda at Ziwa was caught with management dispute between the Rhino Fund Uganda and the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches.


Uganda wildlife Authority is the new management system at the Sanctuary, in collaboration with the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches will manage the Rhino sanctuary as the Rhino fund depart that had managing Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for the last 20 years.


 Reopening of Ziwa rhino sanctuary is in line with a joint venture agreement with UWA, a mandated government body that oversees all the Wildlife activities in Uganda, and the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches, a privately owned entity that offers land on which Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is located.