Hiking & Nature Walks At Murchison Falls National Park

hiking & nature walks at murchison falls national park


Murchison falls national park hiking & Nature Walks are top deal activities in Murchison offering travelers an important opportunity to discover this vast African wilderness on foot. Murchison falls national park is situated in Northern Uganda. Murchison falls National Park is mostly covered by the savannah plains, swamps, forests, amazing wildlife species, surrounded by awesome culture. Murchison falls national park accommodates many wildlife which include warthogs, antelopes, cape buffaloes, lions, Jackson’s hartebeests, and African elephants.


Murchison falls national park attractions areas can be discovered on foot, Murchison falls national park has different trails to be explored, tourists are permitted to follow designated trails including Rabongo forest, the top of the falls, and Kaniyo Pabidi. hiking and nature walk adventures at Murchison falls national park rewards birders and nature lovers as you view many wildlife species.


Hiking to the top of the falls at Murchison falls national park is the most remarkable adventure which begins with a boat cruise on the Nile and ends at the base of the falls up to the most famous point called ‘The Baker Point’ where Sir Samuel Baker explored back in 1864.


Murchison falls national park boat cruise leaves you speechless as you head for a 45-minute guided nature hike which require some physical fitness, while on your hike you may have the greatest time watching Murchison falls rolling hills, savannah vegetation type, the thunderous roar of the mighty falls and see many bird species in Murchison Falls National Park. 


Nature Walks in Kaniyo Pabidi takes place in the Natural forest in the Budongo forest sector situated about 8km from Kichumbanyobo Murchison falls national park gate along Paraa road in Masindi. Kaniyo Pabidi is a great place for hikers and nature walks to find hidden Uganda Chimpanzee Tour in Budongo tropical rainforest. Budongo forest is the only one full of big ironwood and Mahogany trees harboring various native medical plants and many bird species such as the Hornbills, back kingfisher, and Chocolate-backed among others.