Can I Do Game Drives At Murchison Falls National Park

can i do game drives at murchison falls national park


Murchison Falls Game Drive gives visitors the best opportunity to appreciate and view Uganda’s rich biodiversity of wildlife species. Murchison falls national park harbors different wildlife species, including the "big four" and "big five" animals such as cape buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, lions, 451 bird species, and other 76 mammal species like Jackson hartebeests, antelopes, kobs, hyenas, warthogs, and bushbucks, among others, widely scattered all over Murchison falls national park Uganda’s largest Savannah grassland. 


Murchison Falls National Park is perched in the northern part of Uganda, offering fabulous travel experiences and exceptional experiences in Uganda. Murchison falls national park is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda, providing the Big 4 experience.


Murchison falls national park has different game drive tracks that guides can follow while on their unforgettable game drive, which include Albert tracks, Victoria tracks, and Buligi tracks. Travelers can take a game drive in all the different tracks at Murchison falls national park offering prime experiences since each of these tracks is blessed with unique eco-systems. The Buligi track is only 7 kilometers north of Paraa and provides excellent game viewing. Nyamsika Gorge accommodates various water animals.


Murchison falls game drives can be done all year round. Although it is best done in dry seasons as you watch the thrilling predators like lions looking for prey, it's a prime experience since antelopes are killed and hunted without noticing the lions. All this is best done during the dry season, when little rainfall is received and the grass is short, enabling the best game viewing. During the rainy season, much rainfall has been received, and the grass is a bit tall, which makes the game drives a challenge.