Tree Climbing Lions In Ishasha Sector Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

tree climbing lions in ishasha sector of queen elizabeth national park

Tree-climbing-lions-of -ishasha.jpg

Tree-climbing lions are unheard of in some parts of the world, in fact, there are only two countries with the highest tree-climbing lion populations throughout the entire world. Uganda is lucky to harbor these tree-climbing lions in the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national part situated on the southern side, and the neighboring Lake Manyara national park situated southern part of Tanzania. 


The tree climbing lions of the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park climb on top of the fig branches as they also protect themselves from other crawling insects that are on the ground. however, these tree-climbing lions move from one branch to another while searching for warmth, rest and cool off after a sumptuous meal.


Queen Elizabeth national park visitors mostly participate in this endless morning or evening game drives at the ishasha sector because of their undying passion while fulfilling their longtime dream to see tree-climbing lions that is so rewarding not only with the tree-climbing lion pride but seeing many other unexpected wildlife species such as elephants, hippos, buffaloes, bushbucks, warthogs, bushpigs, antelopes, and breathtaking views of Queen Elizabeth national park.


Ishasha sector is entirely situated at Queen Elizabeth national park with the beguiling population of tree-climbing lions whose sighting is an extraordinary activity. The Tree-climbing lion population is increasing over the years while drawing huge numbers of travelers to visit Queen Elizabeth national park.