Where Is Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve-Uganda

where is Tooro semliki wildlife reserve-uganda


Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve offers a dramatic rift valley perched in between the Rwenzori Mountains, the Kijura Escarpment, and the amazing Lake Albert. Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve's dominant vegetation type is mainly open acacia-combretum woodland, grass savannah, riparian woodland alongside the main watercourses’ patches of Borassus palm forest, and extensive swamps towards Lake Albert. And semliki's four communities include


Karugutu-Kyabandara community is located in the southern part of the Semliki wildlife reserve, approximately 18 km from Tooro Fort Portal town. The Bakonjo, who are primarily traditional cultivators, dominate the Karugutu-Kyabandara community. Kakonjo's most important crops are maize, beans, cassava, soy beans, bananas, and rice, which are sold in Ntoroko and Rwebisengo markets.


The Rwebisengo community is situated on the northwestern and western edges of the tooro semliki wildlife Reserve within the Semliki Flats. The Rwebisengo community is made up of three distinct tribes, namely the Batuku, Bahuma, and Batoro, who were once pastoralists. The Batuku were thought to be the descendants of the Abarusula, who served in the royal army of Kabalega under King K of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.


The fishing village of Ntoroko is located in the southeast corner of Lake Albert, between the estuaries of the rivers Muzizi and Wasa. The Ntoroko fishing community covers approximately 4 km2, which is reserved and gazetted as a wildlife area, offering protection to wildlife species.


Kasesenge-Kyakabaseke community is situated on the eastern escarpment of the Semliki rift valley. Kasesenge-Kyakabaseke community is mainly occupied by Bakiga migrants who came to work in the tea estates in the early 1960s.