How Many Islands Are In Lake Bunyonyi -Uganda

how many islands are in lake bunyonyi-uganda


Lake Bunyonyi 29 islands have unique fascinating from each other. With travelers’ preferred means of transportation, they get a chance to visit all the islands on Lake Bunyonyi and explore them. Lake Bunyonyi's most visited islands include 


Akampene island also known as Punishment Island, is the smallest island on Lake Bunyonyi, and yet it is one of the most memorable. Akampene Island holds a dark history of the Bakiga tradition, where young girls were dumped when they could get pregnant before marriage.


Kyahugye Island is considered an exciting island where travelers can spot a number of animals such as zebras, impalas, waterbucks, and many more. Kyahugye Island offers a mini-game drive, a glittering view of sun-kissed waters at a glance, and fresh breezes. 


Bushara Island takes travelers closer to the bird haven around Lake Bunyonyi. For you to enjoy Bushara Island, you have to carry your binoculars and a camera with a long lens to get the best lifetime experience. The other islands include Bwama Island and Bacuranuka Island.