What Can I Do In Sipi Falls-Uganda

what can i do in sipi falls-uganda


Sipi falls is a phenomenon of tourism experienced by both local and foreign tourists yearly. Sipi Falls is Uganda's most romantic place, known for its three series of prominent waterfalls, holding the longest water drops, which hit high up to 100m, followed by the second waterfall, which drops up to 75m below, and the last waterfall, which drops downstream, tall and columnar in nature.


Sipi falls flows vigorously with mist and fog and creates mini rainbows very early in the morning when the sun hits it. Sipi Falls also has other, less prominent falls nearby. Sipi Falls is a wonderful place to enjoy love moments as you spend quality time together.


Sipi Falls gets its water from the slopes of Mount Elgon, which is situated in three districts of eastern Uganda, namely Kapchorwa District, the North East of Mbale District, and Sironko District.


Sipi falls usually acts as the starting point for hikers looking forward to scaling Mount Elgon. Sipi Falls is mostly known for its cool weather, breathtaking series of sipi waterfalls, the ice-cold water referred to as having healing powers when they dove into it, the Arabica coffee plantations known for growing at altitudes of about 1600 m, the sipi plant, which resembles the translucent green fronds of a banana, and the Sipi River.