Kidepo Valley National Park

kidepo valley national park


Kidepo valley national park lies in the remote far northeast isolation from the rest of the country’s national parks situated in the arid Karamoja region. Kidepo National Park is the least visited national park in Uganda, which makes Kidepo valley national park fortunate due to fewer travelers, it’s the most enthralling national park in a protective circle of mountains hiding the great grassy plains accompanied with montane forest, thick miombo woodland, riparian woodland, Borassus palms, rocky kopje and has 86 mammals in total, which includes 26 species that can be seen nowhere else in Uganda. 


Kidepo valley national park is a birder’s destination harboring over 463 bird species with a number of 26 unconfirmed bird species, Kidepo valley national park is second after Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Kidepo valley national park accommodates predators including the black-back jackal, bat-eared fox, African hunting dog, striped hyena, cheetah, aardwolf, and caracal which can’t be located anywhere else in any of Uganda’s national parks. 


Kidepo valley national park has a wide range of wildlife species such as elephants, leopards, buffalo, lions, giraffes, and 17 different species of antelopes.


Kidepo valley bird species include 56 different raptors, Abyssinian scimitar bill, Somali ostrich, Abyssinian roller, Karamoja Apalis, Kori bustards, and rufous chatterer are always seen around the park often.