What Is The Bukurungu Trail In Rwenzori Mountains National Park

what is the Bukurungu trail in the rwenzori mountains national park


The Bukurungu Trail is an exciting experience for the adventurous and those in love with real wild nature. The Rwenzori Mountains present unbelievable scenery, showcasing four different amazing mountain lakes, which include Lake Mughuli, Lake Bukurungu, Lake Bujuku, and Lake Irene, on your trail as you cross mountains, rivers, and endless waterfalls while enjoying raw nature. Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains’ trails takes 8 days up to Margarita Peak. Organized and handled by Devine African Safaris, accompanied by knowledgeable mountain guides, this trek starts in Omukorukumi and ends at the Mihunga Park gate.


The Bukurungu trail allows camping activity, unlike the Kilembe trail and central circuit trail, which only allow travelers to camp with no huts or bunk beds. All the trails are safe, secure, and fully maintained by the Rwenzori mountains National Park. 


The Lake Mughuli slopes are where the MTN service network is accessible, which gives travelers an opportunity to call family and friends. The Rwenzori Mountains have several short peaks along different trails, which can easily be climbed depending on the client’s interest and time. The Bukurungu trail has approximately eight lakes with lush green vegetation. 


Rwenzori mountains Bukurungu trail begins at Kasanzi park gate in Omukorukumi, and the ending point is at Mihunga park gate, just in between Mountain Gessi and the Portal peaks before meeting the Central circuit trail. Although a Rwenzori Mountains trek can be combined with mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi, wildlife safaris at Queen Elizabeth national park, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park,