What Can I Do In Maiko National Park-Congo

what can i do in MAIKO NATIONAL PARK-congo


Maiko National Park is situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Maiko National Park stands in one of the most remote tropical rainforest zones in the country. Maiko National Park occupies approximately 10,885 square kilometers that are subdivided into three sectors. Maiko National Park spreads across the northern states of Kivu, Maniema, and Province Orientale.


Maiko national park protects the Democratic Republic of the Congo from spectacular endemic animals like the eastern lowland gorilla, the Congo peacock, the okapi, and other animals like forest elephants and leopards living in the dense tropical rain forests. Maiko National Park accommodates numerous endemic and rare species. 


Visit Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park is under the management of ICCN; however, the park rangers were lied to due to rebels. ICCN is responsible for issuing gorilla permits to travelers to Maiko National Park. In practice, the ICCN office is located in Kisangani, and a gorilla permit costs $100 to visit Maiko National Park.


Maiko National Park is only accessible by one road, which is the 44. The road to Maiko National Park starts from Bafwasende and leads to some small villages within the park. This road has a number of steep slopes that are only accessible to experienced drivers. 


Before thinking about visiting Maiko National Park, make sure you are aware of the current security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Note that the security situation in Congo is unpredictable and can change at any time.