Explore Sipi Falls

explore sipi falls


Sipi Falls is perched in Kapchorwa district, northeast of Mbale & Sironko, and on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park just near the Kenyan border in Eastern Uganda. The Sipi River was named after the local word ‘Sep’, which means an indigenous plant set along the banks of the River. ‘’ Sep’’ is a tree type that resembles a type of wild banana, Sep is a medicinal plant that is used by the locals for treating diseases such as fever and measles. Hiking up to Mount Elgon, hiking to the trail starts in Budadiri following the Sasa trail that goes to the summit which then descends down to the Sipi trail which takes you to Sipi Falls. Hiking within Sipi falls offer marvelous stunning panoramic views of the Karamoja plains, the slopes of Mount Elgon, and Lake Kyoga.




 Hiking or Climbing Mount Elgon, and nature walks 

Mount Elgon is East Africa’s fourth-tallest mountain and Mount Elgon’s best time to climb or hike of the year is during the summer seasons of June, July, August, and September. Hiking to the summit of Mount Elgon takes approximately 4 days depending on the level of your fitness and with the help of a guide. During the activity, travelers are advised to carry their packed lunch in order to avoid inconveniences.



Mountain-biking activities are done on both Mount Elgon areas and within Sipi falls then blaze down the trails that take travelers to the fourth tallest mountain in East Africa, mountain biking is nothing that is comparable to any other tourism activity in the dry seasons yearly.


Mount Elgon Birding

Bird watching in sipi falls is best done with the guide taking you along the Sipi Falls birding Trails and hub where there are many species such as Lemon Dove, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Dusky-Turtle Dove, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, Dusky-Turtle Dove, Alpine chat, African Hill Babbler, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Grey Cuckoo-Shrike, Mountain Yellow Warbler, and thick-billed Honeyguide.


Mount Elgon Rock Climbing

Mount Elgon rock climbing is a tourism activity that is guided both in Sipi falls area and in Mount Elgon National Park, rock climbing along the Falls offers exhilarating experiences.


Trout-fishing at Sipi-Falls

Trout Fishing is being done past Sipi Falls along the Sipi River, trout-fishing at Sipi-falls allows travelers to catch fish and release basis which relates to catching fish and releasing Nile Perch in Murchison Falls Park. Fishing within Sipi falls is also being done on mountain trout.


The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda

Abayudaya jews is a community that is 100 years old and situated in eastern Uganda just around Mount Elgon and within Sipi Falls. To participate in this community is by choice of a traveler but not by lineage. Abayudaya jews community also has hospitals, schools, and the state of Arc Dental Department that helps in treating the Jewish people.


Budadiri Community nature Walk

Budadiri community nature walks are based in Budadiri offering guided coffee tours, cultural dances, and community nature walks. Budadiri community nature lovers can engage in discovering within the three trails such as the  Namugabwe Cave Trail, which takes travelers through the BaMasaba community land and the huge banana plantations in order to reach a historical cave that is filled with bones, the Dirigana Loop Trail which goes to the Dirigsana Falls and the Gabushana Cave which takes travelers to the local markets and to the “Walls of Death.” There is also a coffee tour within Mount Elgon that is famous for showcasing Arabica coffee processing experiences, Arabica coffee tour supports local farmers.  Sipi falls safari helps travelers to discover the region’s cultural dances, customs, folklore, food preparation, and Bugusi's most famous delicacy called malewa which is prepared from bamboo shoots.


The Sipi Falls area is famous particularly due to locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee. Bugisu Arabica coffee can only be grown at an altitude of between 1,600 - 1,900 meters. Arabica Coffee tours are done by an organized guide who is knowledgeable about coffee farming, processing, and roasting. Profits from Arabica coffee tours go back to the community projects.


 Nyero Rock Paintings and Caves

Nyero rock paintings are old rock paintings that were believed to have been created by tribes that presently stayed within the Nyero rock area, nearby people say that ancient cave dwellers were the first people who inhabited the Nyero rock area. Nyero rock paintings are still in good shape for travelers to discover after a thousand years.


Accommodation at sipi falls includes; Noah’s Ark Hotel, Twilight Campsite, Sipi Falls Resort, Sebei Cultural Centre, Kiprotich Hotel, Lacam Lodge, Savannah Guest House.