Ruboni Community Camp-Uganda

ruboni community camp-uganda


Ruboni community camp is a tourist accommodation facility which is situated on a hillside near the Rwenzori Mountains' main gate, Ruboni community camp has been an innovator in community tourism within the local area. Ruboni community camp is operated and fully owned by the Bakonzo community who are surviving in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains for over 300 years.


Besides the Ruboni community camp is ideal for mountaineers, it is an exciting destination for travelers who are interested in adventure in a leisurely style.


Ruboni community camp provides a range of tourist activities where travelers can immerse themselves in the nature and culture of the people around the Rwenzori, including the traditional dance performance experience and an overnight hill nature walk.


Ruboni Community Camp is overlooking the highest Portal Peaks. Ruboni Community Camp for the past 15 years has been offering accommodation and community-based tour services. The Camp’s location next to the main gate of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park gives the camp, a perfect point to discover the surrounding villages and mountain ranges. Ruboni Community Camp is situated in a quiet and natural setting, generously offering beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences to travelers who choose to travel to Rwenzori. Ruboni community camp provide a range of services besides accommodation such as one-day guided walks, a restaurant, a fully stocked bar, serviced guest rooms, and other local encounters.