Ishasha Community Uplift Group-Uganda

ishasha community uplift group-uganda


Ishasha Community Uplift Group is a community-based registered organization with its headquarters in Uganda's Kanungu district. The Ishasha community uplift group organization’s main goal is to encourage community development through various tourism goods, as demonstrated below. Your help is greatly appreciated.


The Ishasha Community Uplift Group was founded by Wild Frontiers Uganda and the Ishasha community to aid the nearby agricultural communities that live on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park and struggle to grow their crops while fending off game incursions that use them as a convenient food source.


Assistance is given with the marketing of their locally produced crafts at the Ishasha Wilderness Camp, with basic training for healthy living in rural areas, with saving plans and the administration of small loans, as well as with providing guidance for larger funding that is available for such communities.


A local homestead tour, such as Agartha's Taste of Uganda Trip, which offers a wonderful opportunity for you to experience how rural Ugandans go about their everyday lives, is another locally guided tour that we offer for guests. They are also conveniently located off the Bwindi-Ishasha Road, making it simple to incorporate these tours into most itineraries.