About Volunteering in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but there is much more to this fascinating country than what the average tourist sees. There are large social inequalities and the growing population is putting more and more pressure on nature. Countless NGOs and other projects, in addition to government programmes, work hard to help people in great need and to protect animals and their habitats. Their work would not be possible without local and international volunteers.

Whether you have volunteered before or whether it is the first time, below we give you some basic information about volunteering in Uganda, what you need to consider in finding your ideal project and how we select the projects we offer. 


Nkumba Secondary School is our first Nkumba Community Children Aid Project secondary school. The school combines academia with an emphasis on science and agricultural projects to give students a practical and contextually relevant education.

While the school demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by growing coffee and other crops, it's your sponsorships and donations that allow Nkumba Secondary School to give so many children from such deprived backgrounds a strong foundation for success in adult life.


The school has grown rapidly in only 15 years and currently enrols over 280 students, girls and boys, on a permanent full-board basis.

Our Volunteer Project

What's our volunteer project all about?


Our project, "Children Aid Uganda" is all about improving the lives of our children and community via education, nutrition and gender equality. We are now a Government registered community based organisation. Our only funding is via this project.


Volunteers help us, our school and community by bringing innovations, ideas and giving us contact with the wider world which we barely knew existed until volunteers started coming to help us in our deprived, isolated environment.


We are working to improve the lives of our children and the community where we live and work and invite you to come and help us.


The volunteers who come are almost our only resource, since we really don't have any others. Our volunteers are treated with respect and honesty. Our aim is for them to enjoy their time from us and also extend their own life skills.


Whilst we hope to attract people to help us improve conditions, the benefits are not a one way street. Volunteers gain a lot from the experience - fulfillment, new insights and a knowledge of African life and poverty in the developing world. It also gives them greater insight into their personal strengths.


When volunteers leave us, we hope that they will have a sense of achievement from helping our children progress, from benefiting the community, from passing on additional expertise to our staff and by developing warm friendships with all of us.

Who should apply?

Enthusiastic and energetic volunteers with a passion for sports, fitness and engaging youth in physical education.



Wakiso District in Entebbe



4 -12 weeks



Teach curriculum subjects in Nkumba senior school including English, maths & science, every morning 

Organise and lead sports activities and coaching sessions in the afternoons including football, netball & volleyball


If you're volunteering for a while, organise and facilitate inter-school/ inter-village sports tournaments and games 


Terms and Conditions of application:

- Volunteers must be aged 18+ to take part in the project. 

- Volunteers must have a competent level of spoken and written English

- Volunteers must provide a certificate to prove that a Police Check has been undertaken in their country of residence 


Making a donation is the simplest thing you can do to help. There is no long-term commitment (but you can always visit the site another time and make another gift!)


How much will achieve what?


$15 pays for books and stationery for pupils

$55 pays for classroom desks or blackboards

$550 equips an entire classroom

$10,000 will build a classroom


I am Kabahenda Marion a female Ugandan aged 14 years in Nkumba Secondary School. I joined Nkumba Secondary School in 2016 in S.1 and me and the rest that have joined this year say that it's good and comfortable.

The most amazing and colourful thing I found in Nkumba Secondary School is that I found the sponsors who have sponsored me since I joined this school. And I say may the Lord bless you forever. Nkumba Secondary School is wonderful, colorful and courageous where it improves in academics, sports, behavior and many others every year.

Due to the above, the neighboring people say Nkumba Secondary School is the best and whenever I move out of school people ask me if I am a student of Nkumba Secondary School. Oh how beloved it is to be in such a school.

Children Aid Project

We take it for granted the luxuries that we have every day in America, Uk and Europe. Things like tooth brushes, notebooks to write messages, a selection of clothes to choose from, a doctor to visit when we don't feel well.


These beautiful children are in desperate need of health care, clothing, and educational supplies and we cannot do this alone. Their is so much work to be done.


Any dollar amount is a blessing to them. Please consider being part of our journey to help these beautiful little ones. They deserve a chance to thrive, a chance to learn to read and write, and a chance to become whatever their hearts desire.


All funds raised go immediately to the supplies and aid needed for the children. Medical attention first and foremost. i.e. vaccines and proper nutrition. 


Thank you so much for giving and may you be blessed beyond measure for your act of kindness!!

Quick Info

Where does my money go?

Funds a variety of different school development projects.

Pays for textbooks, mosquito nets, school improvements and new buildings.

No admin costs.


How do I keep in touch?

You will receive regular e-newsletters, with updates from the school.

Check in on our blog to see recent news and photos of development projects.


How is the money donated  used?