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Tom Duryea's Honeymoon
Tom Duryea's Honeymoon

Gorilla Habituation Experience – Rushaga Area – Bwindi Forest Gorilla Safaris

The mountain gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi impenetrable forest offers visitors more than the ordinary gorilla trekking to a longer and much more interactive and learning experience of gorillas in Uganda.

Newly introduced tourism activity in Bwindi national park also the only gorilla destination offering this unique activity, gorilla habituation allows visitors to take part in the gorilla habituation or training experience. Its should be noted that before a mountain gorillas family are opened to formal visiting by public, first the group undergoes a long period of training also referred to as habituation so as they get used to human presence in their wild.

Just like in the gorilla trekking experience, a mountain gorilla habituation experience permit is a must have for every traveler taking part in the activity. The permit can be accessed from the Uganda wildlife authority costing 1500usd, which is quite expensive compared to the trekking permit at 600usd, but the experience is worth.

There are two gorilla families being habituated in Bwindi and a maximum of four people are allowed to interact with the mountain gorillas for four hours. This extensive time spent with the gorillas provide travelers with intensive knowledge about the endangered species, which make in turn provide them with a phenomenal experience.

The Gorilla Habituation Experience – Rushaga Area – Bwindi Forest can presently be booked in Uganda for  2017. If Gorilla Trekking is a once in a lifetime experience,then the Gorilla Habituation Experience is beyond that – imagine a 4-hour encounter with the Gentle Giants in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


The Gorilla Habituation Experience can only be done in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the Rushaga Area and is not available in Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of Congo. 


You can drive here from Kampala, fly in from Entebbe – Uganda with Aerolink Airlines to Kisoro, or Fly into Kigali, Rwanda and take the short 3-hour drive to Rushaga for the Habituation Experience Trek.


Include in your safari in 2017 with us.

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Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes National park-Rwanda

Where does the Gorilla Habituation Experience Take Place in Uganda?

  • In  2017 -The Gorilla Habituation Experience takes place only in the Rushaga area of southern Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Uganda.
  • You cannot do the Gorilla Habituation Experience in any other part of the park but the Rushaga area in 2017.

How is the Gorilla Habituation Experience different from Trekking?

  • You are for four hours with the Mountain Gorillas instead of one. Your day starts at 7:30 AM at the Rushaga Park Trail head and you return in the late Afternoon. Your day begins with a briefing from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Staff and the Research – Habituation Team.
  • There are two Groups being habituated in 2016 and they are the Biking and Bushaho Gorilla Families.
  • The number of Visitors allowed per day is limited to 4 participants per group compared with 8 for normal Gorilla Trekking.
  • 4 hours with a Gorilla Family being habituated instead of 1 hour. Add to the 4-hour the Trek in and out and you have a  full day.
  • The same Requirement, the Rules and Etiquette for Gorilla Trekking apply to the Gorilla Habituation Experience.
  • In regards as to what to wear on a Gorilla Habituation Experience – once again the same clothing as for Gorilla Trekking.
  • Price for the Gorilla Habituation Permit is 1500 usd per person for four hours with the Mountain Gorillas compared to 600 usd for a Trek Permit allowing you 1 hour with a Family.
Baby gorilla in Rwanda

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