People and culture of Uganda

The amazing people and culture of Uganda

Culture is a complex feature defining the character of a society through art, values, traditions and beliefs.

Uganda is endowed with 56 indigenous communities each with a distinct cultural heritage built over the generations.

Notably, Toro kingdom, Bunyoro kingdom, Buganda kingdom and Busoga kimgdom and others have a strong and rich history that has distinctly defined them throughout the years, which can be promoted as tourist attractions.


The Cultural Heritage  of our Kingdom and communities has with time developed unique differences such as diversity of languages and behaviours, all of which are rich  in prose and poetry and carry alot of the oral history of our people.

Music, dance and drama are the other products of this diversity. Our dances are all entertaining and educative with a reflection of our ways of life.


The Art and and Crafts, mats, baskets, batiks and drums and some of the unique services Uganda offers to the rest of the world.

The people of Uganda have passed on their culture such as beliefs, traditions and values to generations, which are appreciated by the rest of the world, for example the legendary hospitality of the Ugandan people is a virtue passed on by cultural values.

Despite being one of the smallest amongst the African countries, Uganda still offers some of the best known opportunities  to experience the African culture.


Uganda is endowed with varies cultural sites, monuments and antiquities that define our heritage.

The royal palaces, burial grounds for Kings and Ritual sites just to mention but a few are major attractions to visitors who visit Uganda.

All these and the pleasant climate, diverse eco-systems of varied bio-diversity and investment opportunities make Uganda truly "Gifted by Nature"


Kasubi Tombs