How Are Gorilla Families Allocated To Trekkers

how are gorilla families allocated to trekkers


Gorilla tracking families are allocated to trekkers based on their Age and Physical fitness.


Physical fitness

Ones’ physical abilities to hike and travel short of long determine which gorilla family to trek. For your information, gorilla groups live in areas of different altitudes; some in low while others in high altitudes. The difference in altitude therefore comes with a difference in the ease and toughness of the hikes. Travelers who are physically fit are given gorilla families in high altitude areas while those who cannot hike high are given those in low altitudes. Also, travelers are always reminded to disclose their fitness to their guides so as to get families they are capable of reaching. For those who are totally unfit, sedan chairs have been provides and travelers are carried by porters to see gorillas and then carried back after an hour with the endangered species.



Age is yet another feature they consider in allocation of gorilla families. In most cases, elderly people are given a chance to trek gorillas in low altitude areas while young ones trek gorilla families in high altitude areas.