What Are The Top Activities To Do On Lake Victoria In Uganda 2024

what can i do around lake victoria in uganda 2024


Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the African continent, gifted with a size of 68,800 SQKM, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior in North America, the world's most famous tropical lake, and one of Africa’s great lakes, named after Queen Victoria, the current Queen of the United Kingdom, by John Hannington Speke in 1858, which makes it retain its royal name Victoria today. click here for mountain gorilla trekking tours 


Lake Victoria is located in Eastern Central Africa and is almost 400,000 years old. Lake Victoria is bordered by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, where it covers an area of 45 percent, 6 percent, and 49 percent, respectively.


Lake Victoria has different local Bantu names: Nam Lolwe by Luo, Nnalubaale by Baganda, and Nyanza by other Bantu tribes. However, Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile River, which drains it by about 15%.


The Nile is one of the world’s most important and longest rivers, flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea through Egypt.

Tourists Activities in Lake Victoria - Uganda

Ngamba Island is located South-east of Entebbe in Lake Victoria. It is also called the Chimpanzee Island and a home of more than 40 rescued chimpanzees that are unable to return to the wild.


You will have a chance to see the chimps wander freely via a raised platform. This is different from seeing chimps in the wild, here are in an electrified fence that separate chimps from humans.


Here you will know the individual profile of each chimpanzee, personality, and history. You will also have a wonderful experience with the big monitor lizard.


You will enjoy both half-day speed boat trips and full-day motorized canoe trips from morning to afternoon and evening respectively. Just let us know, we shall add this trip to your safari our beloved client. 


Visit Ssese Island- Lake Victoria 

Ssese Island is a tropical island and is among the top ten world’s hidden treasures, secrets, and best Islands. Ssese Island is highly visited by tourists, and it takes an airplane, a boat, or a ferry to get there.


Ssese Island has surprise sandy-beaches, horseback rides, hiking, ATV Quad biking, Nile Perch fishing, and birding. Ssese Island is the best place to chill-out and relax after a long safari e.g volcano climbing. Never missout on the visit to the best Ssese Island. 


Visit the Mabamba Bay wetlands at Lake Victoria

Mabamba wetlands are the best place for spotting the mighty Shoebill that attracts thousands of tourists in the entire world. Spotting the Shoebill is done using a guided local boat on a Shoebill sighting safari. click here for a 5-Days Mountain Gorilla trekking safari


The largest freshwater body Lake Victoria is a home of many water birds, and here tourists catch a glimpse of a Shoebill, Malachite Kingfisher, Black-headed Weaver, African Jacana, Black-headed heron, Black kite e.t.c.


Birders have a great chance to come across different bird species, this leaves you with a great and memorable birding experience. 


Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Tourists have a mini-safari to the zoo and the vegetation surrounding it while having an eye-catching, memorable, and wonderful scenic views of the shores of Lake Victoria. The zoo is located along Lake Victoria.   


Fishing trip in search of the giant Nile Perch

We organize all kinds of trips that include; multiple day trips, camping trips, full-day trips, morning or afternoon trips, and e.t.c. other examples of fish include; Tilapia, yellow fish, and the occasional catfish.


Tourists pursue these fish mainly in Lake Victoria and River Nile. All safety gear, fishing gear, and camping equipment for those that stay overnight are available. Just let us know and book with us.


Sunset cruise on the River Nile and Lake Victoria

The cruise can be done using a ferry, it is fantastic and enjoyable with snacks and drinks, We can arrange for you some BBQ snacks with drinks.


The sunset cruise starts from 6 pm to 7 pm making two hours on the cruise. You will enjoy the golden glittering of the Nile and Victorian water as the sunsets. This leaves a magical and amazing evening. Darkness sets in at almost 10 mins past 7 pm.


Chill-out and relax on Lake Victoria in Entebbe

We live and work from Uganda, we know the best places to relax and chill-out, just cling on us and track your way to the best of your wish.


Before you fly out Uganda, first secure this amazing chill-out and relax on the tropical paradise of the pearl of Africa with fabulous hotels like the 2-friends Beach Hotel located right on lake Victoria.


Entebbe is an excellent place to wind up your safari where thousands of visitors experience breath-taking views of the mighty pearl of Africa. It’s your choice just do as you wish, hotel prices range from budget to luxury. Don’t miss.


Visit the Equator Island in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Equator Island is also called Lwaji Island, you will have a memorable story to tell due to the fascinating wide views of the Lake, view of the Entebbe Airport runway, and the surrounding Islands in Lake.


You will enjoy the tranquil blue water, the mild blowing winds, pleasant, and refreshing atmosphere. The Island has very many different bird species that create an amazing chirping tone, you will catch the glimpse of the flying egrets, kingfishers flying along the surfaces of the water.


You will see the incredible and giant tree grown on the surface of the Island rock. You will seem buoyant at the first sight of the island and you will trace and spot where the Equator passes as the water straddle the Equator. Don’t miss out on this fantastic blast with the Equator Island.