Coffee Plantation Tour Lake Kivu in Rwanda

Coffee Plantation Tour Lake Kivu in Rwanda

The coffee plantation tour in Rwanda is based on the crop to cup experience along the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. This is the greatest add on your safari to Rwanda. 


Coffee is one of Rwanda’s largest cash crops ranking to about 95percent by average. You will still taste some of Africa’s best gourmet coffee on the shores of Lake Kivu where some of the best Arabica beans in the world are grown, you will also discover the steps and processes involved in preparing the world’s best coffee, organic and natural brew processes.


However, on your coffee tour in Rwanda you will start your trip with a boat cruise from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island where you will enjoy the wonderful and beautiful scenery of Lake Kivu. While at Nyamirundi Island, you will visit a Rwandan Cooperative plantation ‘Ingoboka’ that sustain many Rwandan people economically through growing full-bodied coffee sought for around the entire world.


Still at Nyamirundi Island, you will take part in the picking of coffee beans to the washing station at Gashashi where coffee is washed in 20 steps, you will also take part in an open fire coffee roasting, and finally coffee tasting. You can as well ask questions about the finest coffee of Rwanda to Ingoboka Cooperative representatives that delight several people throughout the entire world.


The experience of crop to cup tour is one of the highlights in Rwanda coffee plantation tour where you will taste and enjoy one of Africa’s greatest coffee found in Rwanda. If you are on a tour with us, we can add on your trip the crop to cup coffee experience for you, our beloved client.