Gorilla Habituation in Bwindi impenetrable National Park


Gorilla habituation experience is a processing of gently and slowly  making wild mountain gorillas live closely in the presence of human beings, this is done so that researchers can protect mountain gorillas from hunters, treat them when they are sick, boost their conservation and manage their injuries, Habituation experience is  introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority, That was meant to focus on tourists who are in interested in  spending  more time with these apes in the forest of the great Bwindi impenetrable National Park.


Gorilla Habituation Experience gives tourists a chance to spend four hours with these endangered mountain gorilla groups under habituation and are about to be set free for one hour normal gorilla trekking. Gorilla habituation experience takes place in only Rushaga the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable national park because its where two families of mountain gorillas (Bukingyi &Bushaho) are being habituated. 


Mountain Gorilla Habituation experience allow tourists to participate in activities like making calls. Testing stool, naming, listen to important information from gorilla habituation team and also learn Gorillas behave like when they see people around, happy and angry, this process helps researchers and visitors understand these endangered species better and deeper.


Gorilla Habituation Experience only allows a maximum of four people above 15 years to participate in Mountain gorilla habituation process per day 


Gorilla Habituation Experience permit go for $ 1500 which almost double the cost of the normal gorilla trek permit that will be $ 700 by 1st –July-2020, Gorilla habituation experience price is higher because the government of Uganda wants to value an unforgettable experience, that cost include park entry fees, ranger’s service, four hour with the great apes, information from gorilla habituation experts, certificate from Uganda wildlife Authority and security while in the forest.