Musanze Caves in Rwanda


Musanze is the largest district in the northern province of Rwanda and it is the  capital  of Ruhengeri which is also known as Musanze which plays an important role in the tourism industry in Rwanda and its where Volcanoes National park is located . Musanze is where mountainous part of Rwanda is, with dense vegetation and it’s most commonly known for the great mountain gorillas and the endemic golden monkeys. Musanze caves is the most visited district in Rwanda boosting an extra ordinary holiday adventure. Musanze caves  also confines the biggest  gigantic Volcanoes national park that act as a home to five of the eight of   Virunga Chain of volcanoes  and these include Gahinga, Muhabura, Sabyinyo,Karisimbi and Bisoke with amazing peak views that are so exciting.


 Musanze caves act as a geological treat covering  2km with lush green vegetation accommodating many bats in that region which is good for adventurers to explore and also very nice for photography.

 Musanze Caves is also good in the afternoon for canoeing down the river where the apes play and rest in a tranquil environment with Rwanda country side exciting view that is breathtaking in a lifetime opportunities to offer.

These caves resulting from the volcanic activities where different lavas flew 65 million years ago to form Albertine Rift valley. These caves cover 2 kilometers long beneath.


The caves are quiet and cold with streams of water flowing slowly out of the rocks ceiling down the rocky holes underneath the cave floors, visitors always take one to two hours to complete exploring this site. While adventuring these caves it involves one to walk for two kilometers in dark tunnels that contains hard rocks .There is maximum silence inside the caves that is only being interrupted by flying bats, human echoes, whispers. Visitors may need helmets, gloves, strong torch, boost and head caps to maneuver through the various tunnels in the caves


After Musanze caves visit one can still enjoy cultural experience with the local tribes staying near musanze caves .while with the locals in their communal centers tourists can learn how to make arrows locally, bows. Hunting tools, hand basket weaving, known as ‘’Agaseke “in Kinyarwanda, local beer making using bananas, harvesting, honey production among others.


Accommodation while at Musanze caves 

1. The five volcanoes Boutique Hotel is just located near Ruhengeri Airport which makes it easy to access both Musanze and Volcanoes national park offering amazing hospitality services.

2. Jack Hannah’s cottage, this cottage was built to focus on Luxury travelers located in Musanze, it offers large self-contained rooms among many others.