How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Kitabi eco-center?

how much does it cost to stay at kitabi eco-center?



Kitabi eco –center is heartwarming mid-range hospitality, creating its own gags, located just 2 kilometers away from Nyungwe Forest National Park Eastern Entrance, sitting on top of Mount Kitabi, offering striking, breathtaking panoramic views of Rwanda.


Kitabi eco-center is the princes and the king’s places which are the traditional Rwandan huts with an exclusive tranquility, amazing light green tea plantation, neat, terraced farms, infinite hills ,Dark green trees of Nyungwe rain forest ,sunrise from the east wing &sunset from the western wing and the most beautiful innumerable sky which can’t be justified by words


Kitabi Eco Center offers entertainment to visitors from different cultural troupes, showcasing their culture through folk songs, traditional cuisine, and dance. Visitors get a variety of services, like camping. Tourists can carry their own tents, hire tents, or choose to sleep in traditional grass thatched huts where the kings and princes lived.