Gorilla Trekking in Africa

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Does one really know  what it means to wake up every early in the morning  to go for animation in search for astonishing great apes in the forest which is the most bewildering tourist venture. African gorilla trekking is ranked as number one providing spectacular encounter regarding primates in their natural habitats. There are only 3 African countries offering this unique experiences that are to say Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, though one should not that there are two types of gorillas worldwide giving the best encounters all year round.


Where do people see endangered mountain gorillas in Africa?

Only one continent in the world avails mountain gorilla adventure, that is to say, three African countries favor’ mountain gorilla development because of the climate, hills, and vegetation, These countries include Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo accommodating the great apes .in case you are planning your adventure in one of these countries, you need to compare the chances of seeing mountain gorillas in one of the countries than others and get greatest satisfaction. Devine African safaris help you plan mountain gorilla trekking safaris in these three countries, we also help to  secure all gorilla permits as soon as  you book your tour with us in any of these three countries.


Where can I see mountain gorillas in Uganda?

Uganda has two endowed  national parks of Bwindi forest impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park with half of the total world population, Uganda is situated in the great rift valley of East Africa where the Equator passes, These national parks have got approximately 450 mountain gorillas, Bwindi forest impenetrable boost 36 mountain gorilla families out of which 19 families are being habituated,Mgahinga national park shares borders volcanoes national park and Virunga national park.


Where can I see mountain gorillas in Rwanda?

Rwanda is blessed with a thousand hills, Volcanoes national park is located in the northern part of Rwanda with tropical rain forest covering 160 km squared and five of eight volcanoes experiencing high visitor growth rates because of its popular world’s gorilla hub. Volcanoes national park has over twenty mountain gorilla families out of which ten gorilla families are reserved for research and trekking, volcanoes national park can be reached within 2-3 hours from Kigali international airport by road.


Mountain gorillas in the democratic Republic of Congo

Mountain gorilla trekking can be in Congo as well in Virunga the national park though the Democratic Republic of Congo has been affected by political issues which attack tourist thus making gorilla trekking unsafe in this country some times. Virunga national park is one of the most valuables of Congo with quintessential attractions worldwide for its lush beauty and gorillas, volcanoes national park has 8 gorilla families like kabirizi gorilla group, humba gorilla group,mapuwa gorilla group,bageni gorilla group,lulengo gorilla group among others.



Mountain gorilla permit prices in Africa

Different African country charges different prices for gorilla permits, Rwanda’s RDP charges $1500 while Uganda charges $700 and D.R.C charges $400, for one to be permitted to trek mountain gorilla, you need to buy gorilla permits in advance, Uganda wildlife authority is in charge of Uganda, Virunga is responsible for gorilla permits in Congo and RDP manages all gorilla bookings for Rwanda.

The above price for mountain gorilla trekking allows tourists to spend an hour with these apes in national parks of Virunga, volcanoes, Bwindi and mgahinga, that price also includes park entry fees, certificate and security in the forest, ranger service fee.


Mountain gorilla trekking age limit in Africa

African gorilla trekking only allows children who are above 15 years in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, anyone below 15 years is considered weak who cannot deal with the great apes in case of any negative changes?

Reason for trekking age limit


The above age limit are considered because of children below 15 years are taken to be vulnerable which are not physically fit for gorilla trekking and unpredictable in character that may lead to behavior changes for primates, like for example children may end up making noise when a gorilla tries to fume or get so closer to them hence disorganizing the gorillas, in that case mountain gorillas may react back by attacking tourists trekking in order to defend themselves, with the view above children below 15 years are not allowed to trek mountain gorillas. Age limit is very important because of these national parks are strenuous with steep slopes which involves serious hiking and requires one to be physically fit.


Therefore children below 15 years are vulnerable and weak they cannot manage to cope up with difficulties in hiking.

Mountain gorillas share up to 98% DNA with human beings so they easily acquire communicable disease like cough and flu since children always have flu and cough which may cause the death of apes leaving in their natural habitats of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, that means Rwanda development board, Uganda wildlife authority tries a lot to conserve and protect the remaining few mountain gorillas by applying age limit for gorilla trekking in Africa.