Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest



Budongo forest is also a chimpanzee hub in Uganda though most of Uganda chimpanzee trips are done in Kibale forest national park. Budongo forest offers an extraordinary experience that satisfies demand at affordable rates, this rain forest is located in northwestern Uganda en-route to Murchison falls national park, Budongo forest’s major tourist attraction is chimpanzee tracking to many travelers, Budongo forest is under the management of great lakes safaris.


Budongo is Uganda’s biggest mahogany forest comprising of Busingiro site,Kaniyo Padidi site, and Padidi site ,budongo forest chimpanzee tracking rotates within six chimpanzee group, each group having about 80 individuals with two memorable best sessions that are either in the morning at 7:00 am or in the afternoon at around 15:00 pm before they set off to look because sometimes it takes about 30 minutes or whole day to see them,budongo forest is home to 9 primate species,130 moths,460 tree species,370 bird species, and 24 small mammals. A combination of these gives you unforgettable experiences in Uganda.


Chimpanzee remarks in Budongo Forest 

Budongo forest has the best sites for viewing chimpanzees in Uganda, each day 8 chimpanzee permits are issued per only 16 permits are issued daily, you can book your permit directly or you can trust Devine African Safaris to book all your permits in time, due to high demands travelers book their permits 3 months in advance.

Chimpanzee habituation in Budongo forest.


Chimpanzee habituation is the process of introducing chimpanzees near to humankind slowly and gently, where they allow tourists to go with researchers, guides among others to study and learn behaviors, happiness, and anger of these apes. The habituated communities in budongo forest include Kaniyo padidi chimpanzee community, sonso chimpanzees’ community, the waisoko chimpanzee community and waibira chimpanzee community, each of these communities are different in terms of formation, history, location, and size.


How to reach Budongo forest 

Budongo forest reserve takes about 3-4 hours from Kampala Uganda’s capital city or Entebbe international Airport, Budongo is en-route to Murchison falls national park, Uganda’s oldest and largest national park, in most cases Budongo chimpanzee tracking is a complementary product to Murchison falls wildlife experiences such as boat cruise, game drives or some clients prefer to fly from Kajjansi airstrip to Pakuba airstrip because of the distance and time. 


Other activities to do in Budongo forest

Bird watching 

Budongo forest is a special place to see two unique bird species that can never be seen anywhere else in East Africa that is yellow-footed flycatcher and illadopsis puvell’s. Budongo forest is blessed with over 370 bird species inhabited there, budongo being birds’ haven its best bird watching has two sessions, one can decide to bird watch in the morning or afternoon during nature walks in this magnificent forest while enjoying the sweet melodies being sung by these birds up in the trees. Binoculars are a must-carry item for bird lovers. Budongo forest bird species include African dwarf kingfisher, little green sunbird,pita neihenow,pamoptila woodhouse, grey-headed sunbird, brown twin spot crowned eagle, African pied wagtail, Black kite,white-spotted flufftail, white thighed hornbill and fork-tailed drongo and others.



Budongo forest chimpanzee tracking age limit

One is only allowed to track chimpanzees when he or she is above 15 years of age, anyone below 15 years they are considered to be vulnerable so they can’t handle moving in the forest in search of these apes.

Chimpanzee tracking requires one to be physically fit, in good health and not with communicable diseases like flu, cough, and TB because chimpanzees (human cousins) are also vulnerable to contracting diseases like human beings.