What Can I Do At Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial-Rwanda

what can i do at nyarubuye genocide memorial-rwanda


Nyarubuye Genocide memorial is situated in Kirehe district, 140 km east of Kigali, close to Kibungo town and near the Tanzania border. It is positioned just next to the nuns' convent of the Catholics of Rwanda and the school that was run by the Benebikira sisters. This site is home to approximately 20,000 Rwanda’s Tutsis and average Hutus who were killed while they were trying to escape to Tanzania, seeking shelter or refuge in the Catholic Church.


Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial victims were murdered with strong disastrous weapons such as machetes, clubs, automatic weapons and spears, the Nuns convent is homestead to clothes, shoes, and the body remains of the genocide victims while the school was reformed in the local community school. DEVINE AFRICAN SAFARIS  make memories in Rwanda